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{May 17, 2016}   Day 15

This week is so not going as planned. Hubby is at a class this week in Orlando. I was hoping to go the the barn each day this week after school. Jessie Lea is trying out for cheer leading and it has rained, flooded rained. So, I am spot cleaning, decluttering and checking out diamond feng shui.

Food was not good today 😦

Breakfast was a frozen store bought mirco-waved croissant. Lunch was left over pizza. And dinner was chicken and brown rice. Somewhere in there, I had a whip cream filled donut. And coffee, several cups……. I so am not looking forward to the withdrawls again. They were so bad 2 weeks ago I swear I would never drink coffee again. Thanks Hailey Nea.

Today was a no workout day! As long as you don’t count the walking I haven’t been doing, lol.

Yea!!!! Halfway done!

15 more days of school with students and 17 more for teachers.

My 1st 2 days off for summer I have all day workshops but that is ok since I am actually being paid for them. I am planning on signing up for 3 more half days, every little bit helps.


{May 16, 2016}   Day 14

Workout done!

Breakfast was toast and blueberries

Lunch was a salad

Dinner was black eyed peas, cornbread and mac and cheese

Started off good, lol, oh well.


Day started off with a cup of coffee and fried eggs. Ran to the barn to wait for the farrier to come out to do Flicka’s hooves. She was a complete love bug today! I guess she realized I was still not happy with her after yesterday. I let her graze for a bit and then did a little work in the round pen. She was funny, as there was a bit of hay in there and she kept trying to grab a bite as she past, which would cause her to trip or misjudge and put her nose to the ground too late, missing the hay. Other than trying to grab hay she was listening very well. In fact, I just opened the round pen up and clucked at her and she followed me in, instead of continuing to graze. When we were done in the round pen, I just opened the round pen up and she didn’t try to rush past me. She tried to follow me into the barn, lol. but when she realized I was going to let her in she went back to grazing. When if was her turn, she was a very good girl for Kyle. Last time she was a royal brat! So glad she remembered her manners today.

On the way to the barn Jessie Lea told me she was going to lope Flicka in the round pen. She chicken out once we got there though.

Came home and had lunch. I ate some chicken coconut curry that I had frozen. Hubby ordered pizza for us for supper.

I have done 2 of the 3 circuits and will do the 3rd one once I finish this.


{May 14, 2016}   Day 13

Went to the barn late this morning, hoping that the horses had already been fed. They weren’t. It was almost lunch before I got in the saddle. I was going to try trotting in the round pen and realized my pant choice was too slick for me to keep a solid seat. Then my 2 youngest were being a pain. Jessie Lea put my phone in kids mode and I couldn’t even get it off the damn game she left it on, without permission to use my phone. So, now I am in the saddle and pissed. Kids mode does not turn off when you turn the phone off or restart it. I ended up riding out of the round pen before I was ready to go talk to her. It was 80 something degrees and she is sitting in the van with the windows rolled up! By then I was very upset. Not sure if it was because I ended up over in the area where my mare always misbehaves or if she was feeling my aggravation but she decided she wanted to go into one of the open paddocks.She throws her fit hopping up and throwing her head around. So, now I am pissed at myself for not being able to ride her out of the area and not getting her to listen to me. I hop off and Hailey brings me my lunge line since the round pen was being used. I worked her all the way over to her problem area and we worked until she was dripping and licking. I then had Jessie Lea hop on and I worked them both some more.

Jessie Lea had to actually use her legs and seat since she had no reins and no stirrups, since she was using my saddle. By the time we were done she was getting good at getting her to transition from lope, trot, trot, walk. And the only reason she got on was because she knew I was mad at her.

Overall time from tacking up to hosing off was less than an hour.But she got one heck of a workout. Much more so than if she had just listened to begin with and just went on a nice walking trail ride. I know I really should have gotten back on myself but I was still really mad at the girls and their behavior.

Do they ever grow out of the constant fighting and being mean to one another? They are contentiously at one another’s throat. Mean and nasty to one another all the damn time. It is so draining, and it makes me nasty to them. I just hate our family dynamics sometimes. I truly don’t understand how they can be kind and caring to complete strangers and tell one another they wish they could slit their throats. I just don’t get it. I have talked to them separately. Repeatedly. I have talked to them all together. Repeatedly. It seems to make no difference, whatsoever.

And the husband has bitched so much about “my horse” that no one even wants to ride anymore. It is so frustrating to see the want and desire in Jessie Lea’s eyes and yet she just out and out refuses to ride, unless it is someone elses horse.  Renata will ride in the round pen only and that is only if there is no one else at the barn. I don’t think she even petted Flicka last night. Friends were more important. I so wanted/hoped that horses would help me keep my girls happy and involved and out of trouble. But no, dad is going to make sure that boys and friends matter more. Hailey actually asked me if she could ride Mr. Al’s horse today, but Al had already left at that point. Though if he had of been there and told her sure, she just sits in the saddle and that is it. Al’s horse is an awesome little mare, but she is too much for Hailey to ride on her own outside the round pen. But this tells me she still wants to ride. I am at a lost. I can’t afford another horse right now. I can’t afford lessons, which we all need, me included. Husband has convinced the kids that “my horse” is why we never have any money. So much so that they are telling me, oh we can’t have so and so cause you have a horse, or we can’t go or we can’t do.  He tells me I should just give her away. I have worked so hard to get her to where she is, on top of the matter that I signed a contract stating that I will not sell her. When I adopted her for Jessie Lea, I promised “my mare” that we were her forever home. It is a promise I plan to keep. Granted not having her would put around $400 a month back into my pocket each month. For my family that really is a lot, but then if the kids played any kind of sports I would be out that much or more a month. I feel it is a toss up, horseback riding vs. something else. Why not let them do the one they love and enjoy, the one they chose out of all other sports?  Why stand in the way of their happiness? Isn’t that what we are suppose to want, for our children to be happy?  Is the constant bickering because they are unhappy and want the others to be just as unhappy as they are? And they just don’t realize that they are just as unhappy as they are? Oh and I know, horseback riding is not really a sport. (insert eye roll here, please)

Needless to say FMD did not happen today. Water was only maybe 4 glasses vs. over a gallon each day for the past 2 weeks. My legs are reminding me that I haven’t had enough water today. Which means no 30 DRC today, because my legs are cramping. Heck even my fingers were cramping earlier.  Food today was coffee and fried eggs at 8 this morning, the flipping chips at 3:30 this afternoon, a boiled egg around 5, and spaghetti at 7.  Not a good day.

I will continue with the 30 Day Riders Challenge tomorrow, but FMD is on hold for at least 2 weeks. I thought I was ready but apparently not. Hopefully next payday I can stock up for the whole 28 days and try again. Maybe with summer here and work not one of the many stresses I have in my way, I will make it the whole 28 days again. I love eating the FMD way. It is a lot of prep and planing. No one wants to eat anything I make, so just cooking for me, which makes it easy to have food last from phase to phase. It is also aggravating to have to plan 3 complete menus because the husband won’t eat things that the kids will.

I put both bottles of wine that friends from work gave me, in the frig tonight. Only 17 more days of school left. I am sure both bottles will be gone before school is out for summer.

So, here is to a better tomorrow! Night

Woke up this morning to my littlest one having made me coffee. “Mommie, I know you haven’t had any in awhile and thought you might want some this morning”. Cup of coffee drank before I even finished dressing and cooking my breakfast. Then Chris ate more of my wilted spinach than I did and Jessie Lea finished off half my toast. So, I didn’t even bother with the fruit I was suppose to have.

Snack and lunch went great other than again no fruit at lunch. Chocolate cupcake happened. Snack and dinner went fine. Really wanting to go eat the Lays chips but am playing on the internet and watching Lost Girl to keep me out of the kitchen.

Even though I dressed to go to the barn today, when I left the school it was so hot, I changed into baggy pants and a tank when I got home. Did my workout with Jessie Lea. Then headed to the barn. I just groomed my girl tonight and worked on personal space. No matter how much I get after her, she wants to walk beside or in front of me, I can’t get her to just follow behind me.

Hopefully I will get to the barn before it is too hot and work with her some and hopefully ride. Next weekend is a schooling obstacle event. I would really love to go, but no trail or pulling truck. And I won’t be able to get the vet out before then to pull coggins as she needs a new one pulled. I am sad about this, but there is always next time I guess.

Happy Weekend!!!!!!

{May 12, 2016}   Day 11

So, I must confess. Yesterday I said food was on target. Well, as wonderfully tasty as it was, I forgot all about having eaten a chocolate cupcake with whipped buttercream icing. Goes to show, it really wasn’t worth it. I savored it for a moment or two and then completely forgot about it.

Well, today I can say that food was completely on target. I even managed to drink over half a gallon of water while still at work.

I had help with my workout today. Jessie Lea joined and Renata pretended to join us. Tomorrow starts phase 3, which means I can have fat. Breakfast will be a fried eggs, toast, spinach and tomato; deviled eggs for snacks and leftover southwest style pot roast from last weekend for lunch and dinner.

Everything is already ready and in the frig. Tomorrows workout is a short one. I may even do it before work. I am so looking forward to going to the barn after work tomorrow and hopefully getting in a good ride!


{May 11, 2016}   Day 10 of FMD & 30DRC

Wednesday! Two more days and then hopefully an awesome ride on my girl.

Today was a day full of fish. Fish for breakfast, snack, lunch, & snack, then steak for dinner. Food was on target and phase 2 is always the easiest for me as it is basically an Adkins type menu. I did Adkins for several years so if just feels familiar. I’m getting ready to go make lunch and snacks for tomorrow.

I did my 3 circuits today. I went through all my xbox 360 workout and dance games. Not one of them will work with the new xbox 1. So, sad….. I did find a 10 minute knockout body upper body workout on the xbox itself. It was a boxing type workout. I really enjoy boxing, so it was right up my ally. I just realized that I have only been working my legs and abs/core with my 30 day Riders Challenge, so will be trying to add some upper body workouts in here and there.

Well, off to get things ready for tomorrow!

{May 10, 2016}   Day 9 FMD & 30 DRC

Well, I know I am only in week 2 of my 30 Day Riders Challenge but I had week 5 printed off. So, I took my binder to work with me. Yes, my 30 Day Riders Challenge binder. If anyone who knows me will tell you, I can’t keep up with anything. I am a “it’s in the pile over there” kind of organized person. And it really does stress me out when people clean up after me without me giving the ok, because I can no longer find anything. Though, I am noticing that as I get order it is harder for me to remember which pile what is in. So, I want this challenge to work for me and therefore I printed everything out and put it in sleeve protectors and put it all, in order, in a binder. YEA! me. 🙂 Oh, the reason I took my binder to work was to put the 5th week into sleeve protectors.

Well, I walked out of the classroom( you guessed it) without my binder. I was sitting here, playing on Facebook and thinking, well I can just do the workouts once I get to work in the morning. Hahaha, in other words, not going to do day 9’s workout. Then I was checking email and I see week 3, 4 & 5 still in my inbox. I was like, oh cool. Then I remembered I had saved them to my laptop! So, again YEA me! I did all 3 circuits and it kicked me in the rump. I really am not liking planks at the moment. Holding a plank once is no fun, but it is one of the exercises that is in the actual circuit, so holding it 3 different times.

Legs are sore but then there are no days off so far and we do squats everyday. I am starting to feel like I need to find something to do for my arms as all the exercises are abs, legs and cardio. We also do crunches everyday as well, but they still hurt whereas the legs are just sore.

I did not drink my water today as I had been doing. My Hailey had gotten my a plastic tea/lemonade container for Mother’s Day. She saw me tapping on it at the store and thought that meant I wanted it. If it had been glass I would have gotten it. But anyways, I decided to use it at work to hold water, as it has a spigot. Well, today one of my amazing students decided to see how far his pencil (lead first of course) would go up into the spigot. I just couldn’t bring myself to drink out of it after that. The poor baby has ringworm all over. He looks like a walking bandage advertisement.  I just know he was shoving ring worms up the spigot. (I know not for real, but it grossed me out anyways.)

I guess Saturday or Sunday, when I was planning this weeks menu, I thought I was going to want fish on phase 2 all day long. Breakfast tomorrow and Thursday will be smoked salmon & cucumber, snack – sardine & cucumber canapes, lunch – lemon dressed tuna salad, snack – red pepper stuffed with crunchy tuna salad, supper – steak filet with broccoli or some other veggie.

I am now off to make my snacks and lunch for tomorrow. Night!

{May 9, 2016}   Day 8 of FMD & 30 DRC

Oh my, it is Monday again! We only have 21 days of school left, yea!!!!! Today was long and loud. But Yeah for all buses here and on time!

Food was on target today and it is back to phase 1 today and tomorrow. The stuffed pepper soup was pretty good.

I did the 2 circuits but not the walking/jogging that started today. I think I am going to just do the circuits for the 1st 30 days and then when I do the 2nd round of the 28 day FMD I will add in the walking. Even with just doing the circuits, my legs are sore. I know the walking is to help with not huffing and puffing when riding but I am just not ready to do both as of yet.

I didn’t weigh when I started this round. So, I have no idea my starting point, but I can already tell that I feel better and that a few things are fitting better.

I think I need new batteries in my scales because in the middle of last week I did hop on and off and on and off, lol, 4 times just to get 4 different results. The 1st one was high, the 2nd was 12 lb.s less and the next two were about 10 and 5 lb.s less, so decided not to worry about the number on the scale and just go with how I feel and how things fit.

My friend, Elizabeth gave me the cookbook that goes along with the Fast Metabolism Diet. It has really helped with new ideas for meals and snacks. I was starting to get a little tired of thinking about starting this again with the same old recipes I had used the 1st time around. Though I do like that most dinner recipes serve 4 or more. Makes it easy to have lunch and dinner pre-made for a few days before hand. I had the stuffed pepper soup for lunch and dinner tonight and will do the same tomorrow. Wednesday is phase 2 and is basically Adkins. I have beautiful steak dinners planned for the hubby and me for Wednesday & Thursday.

We have 8 days left before our field trip to Sweetfield Farms.I think our kinders are getting excited about the trip away from the classroom. We only have 14 days until our PBS reward day. They are super excited about going to an outside carnival, a dance party or a movie.  We are really building up the good behavior and earning their paw prints so they have enough to “purchase” their ticket for the reward of their choice.  The end of the year is winding up. I can’t wait for summer vacation to start! I plan on lots of days in the saddle and just as many in the water. Hopefully I will have my scuba certification before summers end.

{May 8, 2016}   Happy Mother’s day

I started my day off cooking breakfast for myself and then for my hubby and Jessie Lea, as Renata had already went to work and Hailey was still at Grandma’s house. Then I spent the morning cleaning the living room and helping Hailey out with her job since she was here. I also put away tons of laundry. In between doing 3 circuits today and again, no walk. Food was on target until Renata came home from work with salmon dip, which I am pretty sure had cream cheese in it.

I have been enjoying my Mother’s day gift for a few weeks now. Yesterday, one of my Butterfly Pea vines started sprouting. The lettuce is growing nicely and I took the zinnias to school on Friday for my students to take them home to their moms for Mother’s Day.

I spent the evening watching silly movies on Netflix and missing my mom.

et cetera