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{May 4, 2016}   May 4, 2016

Yesterday was day 2 of the FMD. Which means two whole days without caffeine. Yesterday was also Kindergarten Round up, which meant I didn’t make it home until almost 8. I managed to drive home and I asked the hubby to take me to the store to get something for dinner.

I left the oldest to cook burgers while I went to lay down and try not to drink any coffee which would have put me out of my misery. Ten minutes later she is telling me burgers are done. WTH, there is no way! I drag myself out of bed, put my burger back on the stove top, since I had asked for no cheese to be FMD compliant, and put the hubbies and the youngster’s burger in the oven. I don’t even what to think about how the other 2 ate theirs raw, but they did.

As my burger was still cooking I shared the bag of chips between the 3 kiddos and yes, I stuffed a handful into my mouth. So, I was not 100% yesterday. Other than the one handful, I was golden. And went right back to bed once I ate my veggies and hamburger patty.

No workout yesterday, I just wasn’t able to even think about doing it.

So, today is day 3 of FMD and the 30 Days Rider Challenge since I skipped day 3 of the challenge yesterday.  Food was on target. I made boiled eggs for breakfast just in case the teacher appreciation breakfast turned out not to be eggs and the whole nine yards. Good thing I made the boiled eggs, lol. The breakfast was muffins, bagels, fruit, coffee, juice and water. I took a muffin, 2 oranges and a bottle of water. I cute the muffin in half and gave it along with the oranges to my girls and drank the water with my boiled eggs and cucumber.

On the way home from picking up Renata, the van decided to act crazy. Hubby had to come all the way out to Powell Middle School to figure out what was wrong with it. And it is pouring down rain!

I was able to get all of day 3’s workout done except for the 4km walk since it was/is raining. I think I am just going to be on a different day with the walking. The 1st 2 days were 3 km and today was 4 and I haven’t been able to do any of it. The next 4 days are 4km walks so maybe I can just start tomorrow and be ok for day 8’s walking/jogging intervals since it is a timed thing and not a distance thing.

Just 24 more days of school!




{May 2, 2016}   May 2, 2016

Well, today started off crazy. Luckily I only had to be in the classroom from 8:45 to 12:30 then 3:30 to 4. From 12:30 to 3:30 we did some vertical planning with 1st grade. It was a nice break!

Today was day 2 of the 30 day Riders Challenge and day 1 of FMD. I was able to do both circuits though had to modify a few exercises. I had to do regular bridges instead of 1 leg bridges, so I did 20 each time instead of 10. I also didn’t get to do the walk again today and that is going to be a major part of this program as it looks to be adding up to jogging! And coming on quickly.

Food today was on target and on approved list. I do need to run to the store for tomorrow’s lunch and a quick easy dinner as I have kindergarten round up tomorrow night. I am sure that is going to mess up the timing but it is just one night so will not let that throw me off. This week is also teacher appreciation week. I didn’t even look at the goodies at the planning today and I stayed away from the popcorn bar as well.



{May 1, 2016}   May 1, 2016

I have not posted in years….. But today I started the 30 day Riders Challenge and tomorrow I will start the 28 day metabolism reset, Fast Metabolism Diet or FMD.

I started the morning off at the barn. Jessy(not sure I spelled that right) rode my girl for a few minutes and showed her a new way to be asked to whoa. She responds to it so much better than the way I had been asking her. We did a quick tack change and then headed out to the trails with my friend Sheila. The horses didn’t want to enter the trail the way we usually go, so we turned around and talked them into entering by a different path. I was very proud of my girl. she had a few, no I am not going moments but remained calm and let me make her walk on through. It was a short ride today but still nice to get out and go. Jessy says she will hop on her when she is at the barn and play around on her for me. Flicka needs the miles, so if she is able to do so, that will be a major help for us.

We went to Richard’s Farm after our ride. I got a pineapple plant with a pup on it, 2 moringa trees,   pickles and some yellow squash & cucumbers. I was able to try a sample of the moringa tea. It has a bit of a bite to it, not unlike kombucha.

I have this weeks menu planned for FMD. Still need to go shopping for the food though, grrr. I know I have breakfast stuff here. I will just head to WalMart or Publix in the morning for my 2 snacks and lunch that will need to be eaten at work.

Tomorrow should be a nice day. I will go in and get homework folders ready. Teach reading. Do lunch duty. Have the students go to centers. Then the rest of the afternoon will be in PLC for vertical planning with 1st grade. Then I will put the students on their buses and head home myself.

The 30 Day Riders Challenge consisted of 2 circuits of  10 squats, 10 crunch & leg lift, 10 oblique twist for each side, 10 crunches, 10 belly twister for each side, 10 side bridge for each side, 10 second plank, 1 minute two point seat and a 3 km walk. I did it all but the walk. And the side planks were not fun. With having hip replacement on the right side and a still sore left shoulder from having broke it, it was funny to watch, I am sure, but I did them to the best of my ability. The 1 minute two point seat after doing squats, oh my! I felt the burn. I am sure riding yesterday and today after not riding for a while helped to add to that burn. I will try to do the walk twice tomorrow to make up for not doing it today.

I am sun burnt, sore, tired. I am not looking forward to no coffee for the next 28 days, but I know how amazing I feel when I eat the FMD way. Only 26 days of school left. The 30 day challenge and the 28 day reset will both be done before school is out. That will be the start of an amazing summer of healthy eating and a stronger body for a better rider.



Day 10 was on target food wise, did make the climb up but not down.

Day 11 food was not so low carb nor ED……😦 and spent most of the day in the car running last-minute errands and packing four girls and myself for a trip to Branson, MO. So, 1st thing in the morning into the car for hours. The plan is when I can’t stand driving anymore then I will stop and workout. With over 1000 miles one way, I will be wanting to stop and move around!!!

With that said, I am not sure when I will be updating my blog again as I am not sure about having internet or time with traveling. Plan is to leave in the morning (Sat.) and to return home next Sat.


{July 12, 2012}   summer Challenge 2012 Day 9

Sorry day late, but everything went well, even with 3 kids appointments back to back at the dentist’s!


{July 10, 2012}   Summer Challenage 2012 Day 8

Workouts not so great today, weather crazy and kids tripping under foot. Food was on target and I did get to measure this morning.

I think in the photos, my tummy is not over the top on my bathing suit bottoms as much as last week, so, I’ll take that lol.


weight 252.8 now 244.4 lbs so – 8.4 lbs gone:)


chest 40.1 now 39.9 inches


waist 41.7 now 40.1 inches


hips 53.9 now 52.5 inches


left thigh at 4″ 24.8 now 24 inches


left thigh at 8″ 28.9 now 27.3 inches


left arm 17.4 now 17.2 inches


happy happy, everything is smaller:)

One to week 2!!!!!

{July 9, 2012}   Summer Challenge Day 7

Mango, pineapple and pluots for breakfast. Four hours of yard work, with weeding, moving concrete table and chairs, moving bags of soil and mulch. Had 3 scrambled eggs for lunch then out the door for 2 hours at the dentist office. Dinner was red cabbage, yellow onion and ground pork. Still have the ICP to do before bed.


{July 8, 2012}   Summer Challenge 2012 Day 6

Up early this morning and did the meltdown first thing. The kids ate waffles while I worked out. How nice, huh? Wasn’t even all the way done with my workout before everyone is fussing about wanting to go somewhere, so after my workout and a quick shower we were off and running for the day. And guess what, I didn’t eat breakfast, go figure. Lots and lots and lots of walking today for most of the day. We did stop and eat lunch. I had a grilled chicken breast on a bed of spinach. Then off with lots more walking. When we made it home this afternoon, I tried a new recipe, Thai chicken curry. It is a keeper:), even the hubby liked it after picking out the green beans. The PC felt really good tonight.

{July 8, 2012}   Summer Challenge 2012 Day 5

Woke up with an awful headache, can’t imagine why……….. meltdown was not as good as it has been. I somehow or another managed to get out of the house without eating anything. We did lots of walking today. We tromped all over a 3 acre lot that we are considering. The house there won’t work as it is a 3/1. We have 5 kids….. no way can we put a 13, 11, 8, and 6 year girls into one room and expect them to all live lol. I told them they would only be allowed in the house to sleep. And that the 1 bathroom would have appointment times for it, lol. We also went and looked at a few mobiles just to see if it was something we would want to do until we made an addition to the house there or if we need to just start from scratch with our own floorplans.

The ic I think could be better but with the lack of sleep and the headache it has caused it leading to a no on top of my game today.

Lunch was left over tarragon braised chicken and dinner was baked salmon with peas and okra from my garden.

{July 8, 2012}   Summer Challenge 2012 Day 4

Sore again today. No headaches at all! YEAH! A bit sore but otherwise energies are up and feeling good. Went to bed before 10, only to have it be a night the hubby has his get everything off his chest night and the last time I looked at the clock it was after 1😦😦😦

et cetera

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