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Day 10 was on target food wise, did make the climb up but not down.

Day 11 food was not so low carb nor ED…… :( and spent most of the day in the car running last-minute errands and packing four girls and myself for a trip to Branson, MO. So, 1st thing in the morning into the car for hours. The plan is when I can’t stand driving anymore then I will stop and workout. With over 1000 miles one way, I will be wanting to stop and move around!!!

With that said, I am not sure when I will be updating my blog again as I am not sure about having internet or time with traveling. Plan is to leave in the morning (Sat.) and to return home next Sat.


{July 12, 2012}   summer Challenge 2012 Day 9

Sorry day late, but everything went well, even with 3 kids appointments back to back at the dentist’s!


{July 10, 2012}   Summer Challenage 2012 Day 8

Workouts not so great today, weather crazy and kids tripping under foot. Food was on target and I did get to measure this morning.

I think in the photos, my tummy is not over the top on my bathing suit bottoms as much as last week, so, I’ll take that lol.


weight 252.8 now 244.4 lbs so – 8.4 lbs gone :)


chest 40.1 now 39.9 inches


waist 41.7 now 40.1 inches


hips 53.9 now 52.5 inches


left thigh at 4″ 24.8 now 24 inches


left thigh at 8″ 28.9 now 27.3 inches


left arm 17.4 now 17.2 inches


happy happy, everything is smaller :)

One to week 2!!!!!

{July 9, 2012}   Summer Challenge Day 7

Mango, pineapple and pluots for breakfast. Four hours of yard work, with weeding, moving concrete table and chairs, moving bags of soil and mulch. Had 3 scrambled eggs for lunch then out the door for 2 hours at the dentist office. Dinner was red cabbage, yellow onion and ground pork. Still have the ICP to do before bed.


{July 8, 2012}   Summer Challenge 2012 Day 6

Up early this morning and did the meltdown first thing. The kids ate waffles while I worked out. How nice, huh? Wasn’t even all the way done with my workout before everyone is fussing about wanting to go somewhere, so after my workout and a quick shower we were off and running for the day. And guess what, I didn’t eat breakfast, go figure. Lots and lots and lots of walking today for most of the day. We did stop and eat lunch. I had a grilled chicken breast on a bed of spinach. Then off with lots more walking. When we made it home this afternoon, I tried a new recipe, Thai chicken curry. It is a keeper :), even the hubby liked it after picking out the green beans. The PC felt really good tonight.

{July 8, 2012}   Summer Challenge 2012 Day 5

Woke up with an awful headache, can’t imagine why……….. meltdown was not as good as it has been. I somehow or another managed to get out of the house without eating anything. We did lots of walking today. We tromped all over a 3 acre lot that we are considering. The house there won’t work as it is a 3/1. We have 5 kids….. no way can we put a 13, 11, 8, and 6 year girls into one room and expect them to all live lol. I told them they would only be allowed in the house to sleep. And that the 1 bathroom would have appointment times for it, lol. We also went and looked at a few mobiles just to see if it was something we would want to do until we made an addition to the house there or if we need to just start from scratch with our own floorplans.

The ic I think could be better but with the lack of sleep and the headache it has caused it leading to a no on top of my game today.

Lunch was left over tarragon braised chicken and dinner was baked salmon with peas and okra from my garden.

{July 8, 2012}   Summer Challenge 2012 Day 4

Sore again today. No headaches at all! YEAH! A bit sore but otherwise energies are up and feeling good. Went to bed before 10, only to have it be a night the hubby has his get everything off his chest night and the last time I looked at the clock it was after 1 :( :( :(

{July 5, 2012}   Summer challenge 2012 Day 3

Headache much better today.
Breakfast was eggs
lunch was tuna with dill and kiwis
dinner was steak, steamed cauliflower mashed with butter and fried red cabbage.
not as sore today
can’t wait for tomorrow

{July 4, 2012}   Summer Challenge 2012 Day 2

Went to bed last night with an awful headache. Woke up this morning with a gawd awful headache. Food choices were on target until 5 this afternoon, then broke down and had a cup of coffee. The headache eased up enough to cook baked chicken and broccoli for dinner but it (the headache) was back in full force shortly after dinner. Will not make it to bed on time as the whole street has bought mortars this year and no way to sleep through them. Fingers crossed tomorrow puts the end to the headache and that the cup of coffee didn’t set me back to far. I am so glad I managed to get workouts done before early evening.


{July 3, 2012}   Summer Challenge 2012 Day 1

Today wasn’t bad. I do have a heck of a headache, but I am sure it will pass in a day or two. No coffee, no doubt. Had tuna and peppers for breakfast, tuna, pica de gallo, and lettuce for lunch with a hand full of blueberries, dinner was crab and salmon. I need to work more veggies in I see.

starting measurements are:

weight 252.8 lbs

chest 40.1 in

waist 41.7 in

arm lt. 17.4 in

hips 53.9 in

lt. thigh at 4 in above knee 24.8 in

lt. thigh at 8 in above knee 28.9 in

I can’t wait to see what this adventure holds!

If you want to see what it’s all about head on over to……

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